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LEO Highlight:

I go by “Dominicanhulk” on social media. I am 30 years old born in Dominican Republic, & raised in the Bronx, Ny. I found my passion in bodybuilding about ten years ago when I first joined the U.S. Navy as an Operations Specialist (OS). I currently serve as a full time Police K-9 handler specializing in explosive detection, while still serving as a Navy reservist. My K-9 partner is MEGA, and he is a 2 year old German Shepherd. My story is one which I think many can relate to,  I was always overweight growing up and throughout my teenage years, but when I found myself looking to serve this country to the best of my ability I knew I had to make a change. My motivation began with losing enough weight to be able to join the service and only continued to expand from there. An accomplishment I am proud of is the fact that I have lost over 65lbs in the past couple of years, by putting the work in and SMASHING the goals I set forth slowly but surely! 

Work & Life Balance:

I do my best on Planning and Setting time aside to keep all the moving parts in my life in order. I do not like to micro manage my days but always stay mindful of what needs to be done & prioritize as best as possible.  My family always is set as my primary focus and every decision I make is with them in mind.


Biggest Achievement:

My biggest achievement (work related) has to be earning my certification with Mega, in being a K9 handler specializing in explosive detection. From the moment I became an officer I knew I wanted to be part of the K-9 unit and have that loyal partner always by my side.  


Community Outreach:

As a K9 Handler I usually speak in schools and community events where I try to reinforce the importance of staying dedicated to their school work, sports, and having a positive influence in their life. I share my story of going through the process of joining the Military. I believe everyone has the opportunity to be someone that can give back to their community and my goal with Mega is precisely to set that example everywhere we go.


I am motivated by progress and seeing others overcome adversity. I try more and more each day to be that positive example in my community to show those who are struggling with a current goal that it can be done!


Next Steps: As a Leo Civvies Tactical Athlete I seek to continue to help others, and continue to educate those around us on how we can all learn from each other and be stronger together in more ways than just physically.


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